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Why Earn an MBA Degree from Strayer?

To take the lead in business, you need to be able to think strategically and manage people with confidence. Strayer University offers an online Master of Business Administration degree that can help you master the leadership skills necessary to guide organizations effectively. Strayer’s MBA program is designed for busy professionals.

How Long Does it Take to Get a MBA at Strayer?

  • There are 10 11-week courses in this program.
  • How many courses you take at a time will determine how long the overall program will be.
  • Strayer University credits are expressed in quarter hours.
  • One quarter hour of credit is granted for the successful completion of 10 contact hours per course.
  • The standard requirement for one course is for students to spend 10 to 14 hours in weekly work, including in- and out-of-classroom work. Strayer’s course design uses this requirement to meet applicable regulatory standards.

Strayer is an Accredited Online University

Strayer University is proud to be certified or accredited by four respected organizations. We’re committed to meeting quality standards, so you can earn an industry-recognized diploma you’re proud to display. View the ACBSP student achievement information.

Types of MBA Programs at Strayer

Strayer offers a wide range of Master of Business Administration programs. With 15 MBA concentrations, Strayer allow you to customize your learning to reflect your interests and career goals.

See accounting in a global context

An MBA in Accounting from Strayer emphasizes financial reporting, budgeting and profit planning as applied to both local and global business environments. You’ll develop the skills to interpret accounting data to make business decisions, solve organizational problems, and evaluate tax and legal complexities.

  • Interpret accounting data to inform business decisions about organizational challenges.
  • Evaluate the federal tax complexities of a firm to minimize tax liabilities within an ethical framework.
  • Interpret financial results and related financial report information from the perspective of different users.

Spearhead effective acquisitions and contracts

Our program is designed to help you master the real-world scenarios you can use to execute acquisitions and contracts.

  • Evaluate the unique requirements and expectations of the federal government acquisition and contraction system to determine their impact on a business.
  • Formulate business strategies to be competitive and effective in the federal acquisition and contraction market.
  • Apply government contracting legal requirements to minimize the risk to a firm.
  • Explore the business strategy behind acquisition management decisions.

Build your business data skills

The business data program at Strayer can help prepare you to interpret established and emerging data in finance, marketing, sales, accounting and management and use it to craft business decisions.

  • Assess organizational data needs to drive business decisions and business process development.
  • Conduct business analyses using current industry trends and data sets to solve business problems.

Build your digital business skills

Our MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship can help you build the skills you need to create, build and run an online business. You’ll learn fundamentals and best practices of entrepreneurship, as well as knowledge and strategies specific to the digital space.

  • Focus on creating and implementing innovative ideas in the digital space.
  • Develop the background to organize the financial and procedural operations of a budding digital business.
  • Apply HR management, sales, funding and digital marketing strategies to the growth of your entrepreneurial project.
  • Cover topics such as landscape analysis, production and launch, monetization and feedback application.

Build your skills in finance

An online MBA in Finance can help grow your knowledge of financial principles in a global context. Your coursework will prepare you for a role that helps drive business success. This program will cover a range of investment practices from asset pricing models to portfolio management.

  • Formulate financial management strategies for a firm’s operations in global markets.
  • Evaluate capital investments and structure to minimize risks and maximize rewards for a firm.
  • Apply analytical techniques and models to inform investment decisions.

Build your management skills

Get a global management perspective. This online MBA program is designed to provide you with key management skills and teach you how to apply tools to help your company succeed in the international marketplace.

  • Apply management theories and practices to organizations operating in global markets.
  • Create global operations strategies to achieve a competitive advantage within international business environments.
  • Develop marketing strategies for global organizations to achieve a competitive advantage.

Build your health care management skills

Financial management plays a major role in health services administration. The online MBA program focuses on the theories and practices behind public and private health care financing.

  • Formulate effective health care management strategies to compete efficiently in today’s health care environment.
  • Formulate effective financial management strategies for health care organizations.
  • Apply health care organization legal requirements and policies to minimize risk for providers and customers.

Human resource management MBA program details

Our program begins with fundamental human resource theories, detailing changes in human resource management and their impact on the modern business environment. Combine your communication skills and emotional intelligence with an education that sharpens your expertise.

  • Apply human resource management concepts to a contemporary organization.
  • Create human resource strategies related to people and performance that align with organizational goals.
  • Develop approaches to organizational change management to be applied to systems such as information technology, communication, policy and procedures, corporate culture and leadership.

IT security management MBA program details

Our MBA in IT security management from Strayer University covers the latest concepts in data security management. You’ll learn where information technology is used and how it can contribute to a company’s success.

  • Develop information technology strategies to improve quality, timeliness and competitive advantage for organizations.
  • Apply current and emerging theories in security management leading to secure computing environments and reduced risk to organizations.
  • Apply information technology practices to business operations in order to better inform business decisions.

Explore the nature of leadership

Learn how to optimize planning, organization, delegation and other management tasks, while also discovering ways to enhance your team’s productivity and well-being.

  • Apply modern management theories and concepts to today’s organizations that demonstrate how effective management can lead to a competitive advantage that sustains an organization.
  • Apply production and operations concepts and techniques to operations management.
  • Apply business concepts to the effective creation, leadership and management of small businesses. 

Marketing MBA program details

You’ll dive deep into the world of marketing to get an extensive knowledge and understanding you can use to help companies become and remain competitive.

  • Create marketing strategies that will be competitive in today’s global marketplace.
  • Apply marketing approaches to the various aspects of consumer behavior, recognizing the implication on marketing strategies.
  • Apply digital technologies to the marketing process to reach a wider audience and better influence consumer behaviors.

With an MBA in Professional Studies, you’ll have the flexibility to develop your own personalized MBA program. You’ll discover how to craft a schedule of coursework that informs your knowledge of the specific business practices that matter to you. 

Strayer helps you gain technical skills that can be applied to a variety of business settings – skills like allocating company resources, devising pricing strategies and making critical business decisions.

This concentration allows you to design a customized MBA program focused on your specific interests. Working with an advisor, you can study big picture business concepts like strategic management, communication, leadership and business law.

Earning an MBA with a project management concentration from Strayer University can give you the opportunity to develop skills and confidence for navigating the challenges of bringing projects to completion. Your courses will cover subjects like managing time constraints, budgets, staffing and business requirements that are specific to individual projects.

Project management MBA program details

Learn how to initiate, plan, execute and control the work your team produces to meet goals and achieve success.

  • Manage the process of determining project costs, project scheduling and sequencing, and quality business project management to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Apply techniques for identifying, analyzing and minimizing the risks inherent to projects.
  • Apply the fundamentals of the project management process to an organizational project.

A public administration MBA can help you prepare for a leadership role in the executive branches of local, state and federal governments or the nonprofit sector. If you have a background in public policy, management or political science, this program may be the next step toward the advanced public policy position in your sights.

Public administration MBA program details

Develop the skills to help you use the resources of local, state and federal governments efficiently, effectively and strategically. Study the principles of public administration to do your part in shaping the field.

  • Apply organizational and management practices to ensure efficiency and accountability within public and nonprofit organizations.
  • Apply financial tools and techniques to the development and management of public budgeting.
  • Evaluate public policies and programs using quantitative analysis skills.

Earning an MBA in sales can help you develop the leadership skills you need to meet your personal and professional goals.

Sales MBA program details

Our MBA in sales gives you the opportunity to improve your sales success by building on the knowledge and skills you’ve already learned in the field. You’ll gain abilities and know-how to develop a sales strategy, communicate with clients and lead sales teams.

  • Build a targeted sales strategy that leverages appropriate inputs from key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Deliver focused and engaging sales presentations that articulate a clear strategy and value proposition.
  • Establish a process to identify trends through ongoing customer and market research.

What Can You an Master of Business Administration Degree?

  • Use communication skills in a business environment to convey organizational policies, procedures and strategies.
  • Formulate action plans using management concepts and techniques to address real-world business challenges.
  • Analyze the economic, global, legal and financial dynamics of markets and the general business environment to determine their impact on organizations.
  • Develop business management strategies for the functional areas of accounting, financial management, human resource management and marketing to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills to enhance productivity, promote diversity and foster an ethical organizational culture.
  • Evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to inform solutions for business challenges.

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