Ranking Methodology for MBAGuide.org

We gathered a list of all MBA programs in every state:

• Average Scores from the rankings factors listed in the table below – 80% of Overall Score
• MBAGuide.org Editorial Staff Ratings and MBA school reputation – 20% of Overall Score

Ranking FactorReasonFactorRanking Percent
Student / Faculty Ratio AllFaculty StrengthLow to High10
Tuition and Fees-MBA: In stateAffordabilityLow to High15
Total Enrollment AllAlumni StrengthHigh to Low10
Total ConcentrationsBreath of ProgramHigh to Low10
3rd Party RankingsStrength of ProgramYes or No15
Average GMAT ScoreSelectivity of ProgramHigh to Low15
Average Salary After GraduationValue of ProgramHigh to Low20
AACSB AccreditationQuality of ProgramYes or No5

Data Sources

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Ranking Methodology for MBA Guide

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