Accredited Online MBA Programs with the Strongest Alumni Network

The number of students enrolled in an online MBA program varies widely from one school to another. You may wonder why enrollment matters if you’ll be attending class online from the comfort of your own home, not sitting in the back of a huge auditorium. But it does matter.

Larger programs generally have the breadth of faculty and resources to offer more areas of focus. If you want to take classes specific a certain industry or functional area, you may need a larger program to meet your needs. Schools with a higher student enrollment also have a larger alumni base. When you’re looking for a new job after graduation or an introduction to a new company later in your career, that larger alumni base can help.

On the other hand, smaller online MBA programs can focus their resources and become the best option in their niche. They can be more personal, making sure that no student falls through the cracks. And while they have fewer alumni, students in small programs are often more tightly knit and their alumni more loyal. Both large and small online MBA programs have their benefits. Dig into the data here to find what’s right for you.

Online MBA Student Enrollment

Online MBA programs vary substantially between the percent of students who attend full-time versus part-time. Again, this issue may not seem important if you will not be sitting in a classroom together, but it can make a difference. MBA programs assign group project because anyone graduating with a business degree must be able to collaborate in the workplace. If you are working full-time and taking MBA classes at night but are grouped with classmates studying full-time and who have more free time on their hands, friction may arise. Their preferred meeting times and the amount of time they spend on “camaraderie” rather than focused work may not meet your needs.

Online MBA Full-Time Student Enrollment

  • Lowest Full-Time MBA Enrollment: 5.00
  • Highest Full-Time MBA Enrollment: 2,102.00
  • Average Full-Time MBA Enrollment: 271.48

Online MBA Part-Time Student Enrollment

  • Lowest Part-Time MBA Enrollment: 30.00
  • Highest Part-Time MBA Enrollment: 1,643.00
  • Average Part-Time MBA Enrollment: 419.56

25 Online MBA Programs with the Highest and Lowest Full-Time Student Enrollment

The smallest full-time online MBA program is Lamar University, with only 5 students in the program. (Longwood has a part-time MBA program too, but it’s small as well.) The University of Southern California has a much larger full-time online MBA program with 2,102 students. Between these numbers is a range of program sizes. One will be right for you.

Considering a Campus MBA Option

When researching online MBA enrollments, do take a moment to check out the local campus MBA programs. Whether you’re looking for a large or small program, you may find a campus program near you that will provide flexibility to attend both on campus and online. If you’re interested in learning more about campus MBA program enrollment data, see our campus MBA programs ranked by student enrollment.

MBA Programs with the Strongest Alumni Network

Rank UniversityFull-Time MBAPart-Time MBA% MBA Students from U.S.
1Lamar University 5 784-0
2The University of Akron 6 220-0
3Emporia State University 19 400-0
4Salisbury University 25 30-0
4Saginaw Valley State University 25 37-0
6Ohio Northern University 26-0-0
7University of Tennessee at Martin 29 103-0
8Morehead State University 33 41-0
9State University of New York 35 154 100.00%
10University of Louisiana at Monroe 36 68-0
11The University of Michigan-Flint 38 253-0
12The University of Texas of the Permian Basin 39 92 96.18%
12University of Colorado Denver 39 1,396-0
14Frostburg State University 40 114-0
15Kennesaw State University 41 660-0
16University of South Florida St. Petersburg 50 161 96.68%
17James Madison University 54 160-0
18Arkansas State University 56 92-0
19The University of Mississippi 58 91-0
20California State University, Stanislaus 63 139-0
21University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 66 710-0
22The University of Tulsa 67 104-0
23Western Carolina University 68 231-0
24Western Kentucky University 69 32-0
25Saint Joseph's University 70 238-0
26Rowan University 72 157-0
27Georgia Southern University 76 309-0
28State University of New York at Oswego 78 180-0
29University of West Georgia 80 120-0
30California State University, Fullerton 82 543-0
30Arkansas Tech University 82-0-0
32Rider University 83 216 88.96%
33University of New Hampshire 89 259-0
34University of Baltimore 91 362-0
34Florida Gulf Coast University 91 228-0
36New Mexico State University 96 149-0
37New Jersey Institute of Technology 97 154-0
38Clarkson University 101 84-0
39Sam Houston State University 102 269-0
40Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey-Camden 106 314-0
41The University of Michigan-Dearborn 107 430-0
42Ohio University 109 1,023-0
43University of Alabama in Huntsville 110 247-0
44University of Southern Mississippi 112 201-0
45California State University, Sacramento 117 191-0
46East Tennessee State University 128 65-0
47Eastern Michigan University 131 261-0
48Murray State University 150 56-0
49University of Massachusetts Lowell 153 938-0
50University of Alabama at Birmingham 155 624-0
51The Pennsylvania State University at Erie The Behrend College 156 740-0
52West Virginia University 169 155-0
53Boise State University 174 421-0
54Villanova University 184 1,099-0
55Southern Utah University 190 289-0
56University of Cincinnati 226 994-0
57Iowa State University 233 151-0
58University of New Orleans 245 95-0
59Prairie View A & M University 248 43 95.88%
60Drexel University 251 509-0
61Thunderbird School of Global Management 255 400-0
62Rochester Institute of Technology 302-0-0
63The University of Arizona 327 710-0
64Suffolk University 344 674-0
65University of Houston-Victoria 347 538-0
66Florida State University 354 831-0
67College of William and Mary 372 598-0
68Carnegie Mellon University 378 296-0
69Utah State University 407-0-0
70Baylor University 410 295-0
71Northeastern University 414 728-0
72University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 430-0-0
73Middle Tennessee State University 447 335-0
74Bentley University 465 586-0
75Texas A & M University-Commerce 477 1,419 80.96%
76Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey-Newark/New Brunswick 528 1,643-0
77Michigan State University 559 738-0
78Georgetown University 577 573-0
79University of North Texas 645 814-0
80University of South Carolina 688-0-0
81University of Maryland 828 973-0
82Johns Hopkins University 881 882 51.33%
83University of Florida 1,067 716-0
84West Texas A & M University 1,100-0 89.36%
85Washington State University 1,198-0-0
86The University of Texas at Dallas 1,986 1,315-0
87University of Southern California 2,102 715-0

If you notice errors in the MBA program database, please contact us.

Data sources: MBA School Websites, IPEDS, National Center of Educational Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (ERIC), Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). US News, The Econominst, Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, Financial Times.

If you notice errors in the MBA program database, please contact us.

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