2018 Online MBA Program Rankings

Only a few years ago, flashy headlines about Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs focused primarily on campus degrees. Not so these days. With technology making the online learning experience ever closer to the in-classroom experience, the number of online degree programs is growing and so are applications. U.S. News and World Reports now has a ranking focused solely on the online MBA.

The online degree has flexibility that a full-time campus program does not. No need to relocate, no commute time, and access to a curriculum focused on your needs—even if the faculty is on the other side of the country. In addition, almost all online MBA programs have a part-time option that lets you keep your paycheck while you earn your degree. It’s no wonder the online MBA is attractive.

But with the growth in the number of schools offering online MBAs comes the need to do research to figure out which school is right for you. This site is here to help with that research.

Click through our discussions and rankings on topics from tuition costs, to average GMAT score, to faculty strength. These and other topics covered here will help you to start thinking about what you want from an online MBA program. Once you have a handful of schools in mind, you can dig deep into the data to get to know more about those programs. This research will make sure you get the very most from your MBA experience.

Are you interested in exploring and comparing campus MBA programs, see our campus MBA program rankings.



Ranking Methodology

Notes: Rewrite to Make Unique and Awesome: We’ve researched and evaluated online [keyword] (programs/degrees) to rank reputable, online-only Keyword programs. You’ve told us what matters to you most and we’ve provided rankings that take into account price, program reputation, student commitment, and graduation rate. By factoring in the keyword program rankings from esteemed, trusted publications including (list publications where rankings are made public and we’re displaying them). We’ve complied a unique list of U.S.-based, online keyword program rankings you won’t find anywhere else. After pulling together the rankings from the esteemed publications, we’ve added cost of tuition, retention rate, and graduation rate as a metric. The result? A robust list of affordable online keyword programs that prospective students can rely on as they seek to further their studies and careers in keyword.

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