The University of Michigan is launching a new accelerator program everyone can relate to. Even if COVID-19 has never touched your life directly before, it likely affected someone close to you.

After witnessing COVID shake the lives of millions of people, Eleanor Pinkert and her husband Michael decided to take matters into their own hands. After making a generous donation to the University of Michigan, which funded the “Pinkert Healthcare Accelerator program”, the couple now offers free healthcare services for anyone in need.

Who Can Apply for the Pinkert Healthcare Accelerator?

Any Ross or University of Michigan students who have a new idea to fix healthcare problems can apply for the Pinkert Healthcare Accelerator program. “We’re looking for undergraduates who are passionate about healthcare and want to make this an area that they specialize in,” says Johnson. “This includes any new approaches with innovative technologies, care delivery models,

Read more about the Pinkert Healthcare Accelerator.

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