Business schools around the world are in a state of flux as they prepare for what some predict to be a radical change in their business model over the next few years.

As the world is changes at a rapid pace, business schools are adapting, find out what deans think the MBA syllabus should look like after 2021

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Some suggest that the education industry as we know it will change forever. One of the reasons is that students want personalization and variety in how they learn, what they learn and how they do it. They also want to be able to use new technology to their advantage rather than feel intimidated by it. Business schools are beginning to take note of this shift in perception from the student’s side.

“Corporate leaders and hiring managers often report a gap existing between what they need from their new hires and what those individuals are able to do once onboard,” explains Tim Westerbeck, president of Eduvantis, a higher education consulting firm. 

“They report a great deal of retraining and even fundamental education required, along with a sometimes significant lag time between the hiring date and the period at which high productivity can be expected—this gap needs to be closed by business schools if they seek to remain relevant and competitive.”

Experiential Learning Will the Foundation of MBA Programs Going Forward

Traditional classroom lectures are broken and need to be reformed, Dean of Kogod School of Business at American University, John Delaney thinks. When a colleague suggested the school move away from talking about business to actually letting students experience it, he knew they were onto something.

Live Cases Are Replacing the HBS Case Method

One of the major challenges MBA programs face is is what people in the industry are looking for and what the school is being taught teaching. What is being taught and what students need are very different things. One of the reasons that it’s hard to bridge this gap is because of how fast everything is changing. It’s hard to teach students the same thing they learned a year ago when it has changed so much in that time period. A lot of companies seem to be interested in experiential learning because it helps them see how things work on an actual business day, rather than sitting in a lecture room and listening about it.

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