GLOBIS USA Launches Website to Bring MBA, VC, Online Learning, and Corporate Education to America

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GLOBIS USA launched its official website ( ). Headquartered in San Francisco, GLOBIS USA (launched in April) is the first American subsidiary of Tokyo-based GLOBIS Corporation ( ). The subsidiary will act as a gateway to bring Japan’s top MBA and GLOBIS Unlimited online education to an American audience. It will also assist portfolio businesses of GLOBIS Capital Partners, allowing them to grow internationally.

To exploit the power of technology and innovate in a new era of globalization, future business leaders will need diverse specialized knowledge. As a result, GLOBIS USA is initially being used as a platform for corporate training programs and GLOBIS Unlimited. Eventually, both online and in-person pre-MBA courses will be offered. The San Francisco site

Tomoya Nakamura, a Japanese citizen who was formerly the dean of GLOBIS University in Japan, will serve as president of GLOBIS USA. The Board of Directors will include Tomoko Kimijima, managing director of GLOBIS Corporation, and Alex Scharf, director of the digital platform at GLOBIS.

GLOBIS USA is a significant step forward in the GLOBIS mission to help people, capital, and knowledge ecosystems contribute to a better tomorrow for business. Over 170,000 students have completed GLOBIS courses to date, and over 1.2 million individuals have received corporate training. With over $1 billion in assets under management, GLOB

On January 13, 2022, GLOBIS USA will host Creative Confidence for Startups, an online launch event with guest speaker Mr. Tom Kelley, a renowned worldwide expert on important corporate abilities such as storytelling and design thinking. Mr. Kelley is a recognized global authority on essential business skills such as storytelling and design thinking, having worked at IDEO

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