How Do We Rank the Best MBA Programs in Alabama?

Best Mba Programs

Choosing an MBA program requires more than a glance at the school’s reputation or curriculum. It encompasses a broad spectrum of factors such as the return on investment (ROI), starting salary, tuition costs, and career progression. Further elements to incorporate into your calculus when choosing the right program include the student/faculty ratio, offered concentrations, 3rd party rankings, average GMAT score, post-graduation salary, and accreditation, which assures the quality and excellence of the program.

This is our comprehensive evaluation approach, which empowers you to make a strategic decision for the MBA program you decide to attend. First, we assemble a list of all accredited business schools offering MBA programs in Alabama, and then rank them based on our methodology and the following factors:

  • Program quality and desirability: student/faculty ratio, tuition and fees, enrollment, concentrations offered, 3rd party rankings, average GMAT score, average salary after graduation, AACSB accreditation: 50%
  • MBAGuide’s editorial ranking of the business school’s reputation: 10%
  • The affordability of the programs offered by the business school: 20%
  • An ROI of 150% when calculating tuition to starting graduate salary: 20%

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Discover information on start dates, credit transfer processes, initial salary expectations, financial aid opportunities, GMAT requirements, tuition fees, student-to-faculty ratios, and average post-graduation employment rates.

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Best Mba Programs In Alabama
The Average Graduate Tuition for an AACSB MBA Program is $78,941 and Ranges from $42,450 and $167,977. Find Your MBA Program Today!

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