A Framework for Business Schools

Blockchain may not yet have a huge impact on the finance, accounting, IT, and operational sectors of businesses but its potential is still being explored.

Understanding how blockchain might change these four aspects of business will allow future business school students to prepare for changes within those fields. Because blockchain is best known for its financial and accounting applications, we designed our curriculum to focus on those topics. However, IT and operations skills are important too, so they’re covered in the course outline as well.

 An integrative blockchain curricula framework, modeled after the IMA® Management Accounting Competency Framework lays out the impacted business disciplines and key areas of coverage as an MBA program might incorporate blockchain education their curricula.

The framework focuses on four core areas focuses on different but important concerns that should be integrated into any business to garner the most benefit from blockchain methodology; Strategy and Performance Management, Technology and Security, Reporting and Control, Business Operations. Let’s take a deeper look at each one.

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