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From your potential earnings to selecting the right MBA degree concentration, our MBA Guide gives prospective B-Students a much-needed compass for the next chapter in their business careers. Our MBA Guides cover both campus and online MBA degree programs and provides a wealth of information for aspiring B-Students. Our MBA graduate editorial team explain how to choose the perfect program for you, provides the data we wish we had when searching for and applying to an MBA degree program. We provide hard-won knowledge on how to succeed once you become a B-Student, specific details on the MBA application process, the courses you’ll be taking, and how to network while immersed in your program.

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TargetWhat is an MBA Degree?

Our Campus MBA Guide is specific to traditional on-campus MBA degree programs and provides a wealth of data to help you select the best MBA program for your career aspirations, specific information about campus programs such as cost of tuition, best ranked programs, programs with the best student / faculty ratio, and faculty experience.


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 2022 MBA Degree Rankings
5th Annual Best MBA Degree Programs in America

2021 Best Mba Programs - Mba Guide

As with most graduate programs, no two MBA degrees are created equal. Prospective MBA-Students have several factors to consider when making a final decision on their MBA degree program. The most savvy applicants are interested in receiving the best possible ROI whether it’s tuition costs, accreditation, program notoriety, job placement rates, or simply scheduling options. Most of the MBA rankings are focused on prestige, which in the business world carries a ton of weight. No one is arguing the power of a highly reputable MBA from an elite institution. It can certainly set you apart from fellow job applicant’s if you have a Wharton MBA on your resume. But there are so many other factors that go into choosing an MBA degree program outside of prestige that must be noted and we provide the data on the best ranked programs from a number of sources along with rankings based on tuition, GMAT scores, enrollment and more.




Best Ranked MBA Degrees by City

List of cities with accredited MBA programs.

Data Driven MBA Intelligence

By aggregating information from 520 AACSB Accredited MBA schools, including 1,520,000 synthesized data points, prospective B-Students are given all the tools needed to make sound application decisions. MBA Guide empowers prospective B-Students with real-time information taken from the source – the institutions themselves. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate real-time information about MBA degree programs and have the luxury of cross-referencing our information with leading authorities at each institution.

What DifferenceOnline vs Campus MBA Degree Programs

Compare MBA Degrees Online MBA Degrees Campus MBA Degrees
Average MBA Tuition $33,130 $39,291
Average GMAT Scores 530 543
Average Full-Time MBA Faculty 65 63
Average MBA Student Faculty Ratio 249:100 129:50
Average # of MBA Faculty with Doctorate 83.44% 83.98%
Average Full-Time MBA Enrollment 199 239
Average Part-Time MBA Enrollment 387 318
Average # of MBA Students from U.S. 76% 75%
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Campus Mba DataCampus MBA Data

  • Number of MBA Programs: 876
  • Average MBA GMAT Score: 542.58
  • Average In-State Tuition: $39,291.07
  • Average # of Full Time Faculty: 62.85
  • Average Full Time Enrollment: 238.61


Online Mba DataOnline MBA Data

  • Number of Online MBA Programs: 324
  • Average Online MBA GMAT Score: 529.71
  • Average Online In-State Tuition: $33,130.24
  • Average # of Full Time Faculty: 64.99
  • Average Full Time Enrollment: 199.01


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