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Best Campus & Online MBA Degrees in 2024

  • Starting salaries for new MBA graduates is between $1,000 and $182,272 with an average of $81,103.
  • Tuition for in-person, campus MBA programs ranges from $1,000 to $219,688, and averages $43,385.
  • Online tuition in for MBAs ranges between $7,458 to $154,339, with an average total tuition cost of $36,581.
  • A GMAT score between 265 and 1,000 with an average of 562 is needed for acceptance into an MBA program.
  • ROI for MBA gradates ranges from 30% to 567% with an average of 146%.
  • Average student enrollment for MBA Programs varies between 3 and 3,933 with an overall average of 288.
  • Student / Faculty Ratio for MBA programs varies between 1:1 and 63:1 with an average of 16:1 students.
  • 867 MBA programs are ranked by the following institutions MBAGuide: 505, US News: 94, Forbes: 75, BW: 82, FT: 51 and Economist: 52.

2024 7th Annual Best MBA Programs

Our rankings and accreditation can offer insight into a program’s quality and reputation. However, these should be just one part of your decision-making process.

Ranking TypeRanking Description
Best OverallBest Ranked MBAs Online | Campus
Graduate SalaryHighest Graduate Salary Online | Campus
Best ROIHighest ROI (Tuition | Graduate Salary) – Online | Campus
Most AffordableMost Affordable Accredited MBAs – Online | Campus
SelectivityMost Sought After – Online | Campus
Student to Faculty RatioBest Student to Faculty Ratio – Online | Campus
Networking | AlumniLargest Alumni Network – Online | Campus

What’s New on MBAGuide

2024 Awards for the Most Affordable, Value-Packed MBA Programs

Online July 1, 2024, we released our awards for the Most Affordable and Value-Packed MBA Programs in each state. These programs stand out for their accreditation, high return on investment (ROI), and quality education. The ranking methodology considers factors such as tuition costs, average alumni salaries, program reputation, and student satisfaction scores. Notable standouts include Georgia Southwestern State University, which offers one of the most economical AACSB-accredited online MBA programs, and Florida Gulf Coast University, known for its excellent ROI. Other top contenders include University of Southern Indiana Romain College of Business, the University of Arizona and La Salle University in Pennsylvania both recognized for their strong online MBA offerings. These programs demonstrate that it’s possible to obtain a high-quality MBA education without incurring excessive debt, providing students with valuable and employment-ready skills.

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What is the Average Cost of an MBA Degree in 2024?

The average tuition cost for an MBA degree in the U.S. is $43,384.95. The cost of getting an MBA differs wildly depending on the program you chose. Earning an MBA from the lowest-cost campus program in the U.S., Wilkes University, will set you back only $1,000.00 if you live in-state. At this price, earning an advanced degree seems like an exceptional investment in your career. You can check on the ROIs of MBA programs. A degree from country’s most expensive campus MBA program, Cornell University, will cost you $219,688.00. Cost will vary by type, concentration as well as as the state you live in.

The lowest in-state tuition for an online MBA program is $1,000.00.
The highest in-state tuition for an online MBA program is $219,688.00.
The average tuition cost for online MBA programs is $43,384.95.
Find accredited and affordable campus MBA programs.
The lowest in-state tuition for an online MBA program is $7,458.00.
The highest in-state tuition for an online MBA program is $154,339.00.
The average tuition cost for online MBA programs is $36,580.63.
Find accredited and affordable online MBA programs.

5 Least Expensive Online MBA Degrees

  1. Indiana University Southeast - $7,458.00
  2. Indiana University Northwest - $7,458.00
  3. Indiana University South Bend - $7,458.00
  4. McNeese State University - $8,879.00
  5. Columbus State University - $9,087.00

5 Most Expensive Online MBA Degrees

  1. University of Southern California - $154,339.00
  2. University of Virginia-Darden - $151,200.00
  3. Carnegie Mellon University - $147,456.00
  4. Johns Hopkins University - $133,000.00
  5. Georgetown University - $124,814.00

Find the full report for the tuition costs of all MBA programs in the United States.

What is Average MBA Graduate Salary in 2024?

Evaluating the value of an MBA program involves considering the return on investment (ROI). This takes into account factors such as tuition costs, potential salary increases, and career advancement opportunities.

Weighing these aspects helps prospective students determine if pursuing an MBA aligns with their financial and professional goals, ultimately maximizing the benefits of this significant educational investment.

MBA graduate salaries differs wildly depending on the program you chose, the industry you enter and the experience you have. After earning an MBA from Wilkes University, the average MBA graduate annual salary is $1,000.00. For instance, a degree from Stanford University, will provide an annual salary of $182,272.00.

5 Highest MBA Starting Salaries for Graduates

  1. Stanford University - $182,272.00
  2. Harvard University - $175,000.00
  3. Northwestern University - $175,000.00
  4. University of Illinois at Chicago - $167,977.00
  5. University of Pennsylvania - $166,391.00

5 Lowest MBA Starting Salaries for Graduates

  1. Wilkes University - $1,000.00
  2. Elizabeth City State University MBA - $35,850.00
  3. Montreat College - $37,000.00
  4. Grambling State University - $39,900.00
  5. Campbell University MBA - $40,239.00

Find the full report for the graduate salaries for graduate business schools in the United States.

Top MBA Salaries and Jobs

The world is changing and there are hundreds of in-demand careers that will need plenty of employees in the next decade. Prepare yourself and find the career path that will meet you in the future.

Salary Reports

Consider these high-paying, in-demand business careers in 2024

Projected need for these business careers is between 73,000 and 229,600 new employees each year to 2030. The median yearly wage for these careers is between $62,290 and $97,970. Prepare for each of these careers with a four-year degree.

Operations Managers

Currently Employed: 2,984,920
Yearly Openings to 2030: 229,600
Percent Change: 9.4%
Graduate MBA Salary: $97,970
Operations Management MBA

Project Managers

Currently Employed: 743,860
Yearly Openings to 2030: 141,900
Percent Change: 5.6%
Graduate MBA Salary: $94,500
Projects Management MBA


Currently Employed: 1,318,550
Yearly Openings to 2030: 135,000
Yearly Openings to 2030: 6.9%
Graduate MBA Salary: $82,752
Accounting MBA

Management Analysts

Currently Employed: 768,450
Yearly Openings to 2030: 99,400
Yearly Openings to 2030: 13.7%
Graduate MBA Salary: $93,000
Business Analytics MBA

Marketing Managers

Currently Employed: 727,540
Yearly Openings to 2030: 96,000
Percent Change: 22.1%
Graduate MBA Salary: $82,674
Marketing MBA

Human Resources Managers

Currently Employed: 740,830
Yearly Openings to 2030: 73,400
Percent Change: 10.4%
Graduate MBA Salary: $84,994
Human Resources MBA

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